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We've assembled the most popular questions and answers here.

Our software is designed to operate on standard PCs running Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. A default printer must also be referenced in order for the software to calculate the workspace and printer output size. We recommend PCs running Windows 10 or greater. Our licensing provides for use of our software on one PC, but pricing is available for large organizations.

Yes, but we assume that users have a basic knowledge of sprinkler design, as the software isn't designed as a training aid, but a tool to help the user complete jobs more efficiently and effectively.

We provide the following support tools:

  • Searchable Help Screen
  • Product Training Videos
  • 8x5 Email and Phone Support

Yes, your company's logo can be displayed as well as your company name and the designer's name.

It's highly unlikely that you will run into difficulties using the program. As noted above, we provide plenty of support and training. If you know how to use Microsoft® Word® or Excel®, you shouldn't have any problems, as we share the same basic menuing structure. Still, we suggest you take advantage of the 30-day trial offer to ensure your success.

WaterMark PRO provides the following reports:
  • Heads by Plot Report
  • Heads by Zone Report
  • Parts by Zone Report
  • Parts by Type Report (useful for pick lists, estimates, and invoices)
  • Pipe by Zone Report

Unfortunately, no they will not. Version 3 contains improvements over the older versions which required a revision of the project file structure and the parts database.

Watermark PRO does not support AutoCad® or other CAD-based systems, as it was designed for one specific use: to design underground sprinkler irrigation systems. Version 3 does support scanning and/or importing photos or graphics of drawings that can then be traced over to generate the plots that WaterMark PRO requires.

The parts database provides a listing of all parts that can by used in a project, and . . .
  • Includes a base grouping of parts that can be added onto.
  • Can include the user's cost and retail pricing for printing estimates and invoices.
  • Includes catalog descriptions as well as physical characteristics of the parts.
  • Can include labor prices.
  • Can include an unlimited number of parts.


We've listed the most common issues that administrators have communicated to us.

You can contact us by phone during phone support hours (8AM-5PM Eastern, M-F) or by email from our Contact page.

Contact our Support group and we will assist you in setting up the new computer.

Always make backups of the WaterMark PRO folders so if something goes awry, you can always make a smooth recovery.