How it Works

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Here is a brief overview of WaterMark PRO3. For more in-depth information, consult our videos below or download the user guide.

WaterMark PRO is a full-featured object-oriented lawn irrigation design software incorporating time-proven hydraulic engineering techniques and a user-friendly interface that greatly accelerates the design process. WaterMark PRO was developed with the goals of flexibility, speed, simplicity, and ease of use. The software assumes the user’s basic knowledge of sprinkler system design.

The system interfaces with an independent database containing all system parts and provides automated, system-generated reports to facilitate the estimating, pricing, planning, and physical implementation phases of the irrigation project. The database includes sprinkler heads, bodies, pipe and pipe fittings, clocks, tools, accessories, valves, and even labor charges.

The program runs on the Microsoft Windows™ operating system and should open successfully on any supported version of Windows™. We recommend running it on the latest version for best results.

30-Day Trial
Upon first launch, we recommend all users select the 30-day trial program prior to purchasing. We want to be sure that WaterMark PRO works for you and your business. The WaterMark PRO trial program provides all of the features and tools of the full program except for the following functions which are disabled:
  • The ability to save a project to your computer.
  • The ability to edit the parts database.
  • Client branding functions (logo, address, etc) are not available.
  • The ability to save your individual parts preferences.