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New User Interface

  • Introducing our new and user-friendly program interface with updated graphics.
  • We utilize farmiliar menu formats, as seen in Microsoft® Office® products
  • Support for all recent versions of Microsoft® Windows®: Windows 11, 10 etc

New Design Tools

  • New scanning function to upload drawings to the system.
  • Scale the program interface to match a drawing's scale.
  • Resize and move drawings within the program work surface.

New Help Systems

  • Instructional videos to guide you through all processes.
  • New Help function simplifies lookup and search support.
  • Parts database updated to include the most popular components.

Let WaterMark PRO
simplify your projects

Auto-head, auto-zone and auto-piping tools save time and simplify project design.

Click a Graphic for a Larger View
Demo Imported Drawing
Imported drawing with traced plots & scale matching - Metric version.
Generated Invoice
Auto-generated 'Parts List Report' - customer estimate or invoice.
Auto-generated 'Heads by Plot Report' - lists head positions, plot properties.
Head Properties
Headsite Properties Editor - adjust position, angle or spray width - add associated parts.
Plot Properties
Auto-generated plot properties - calculates prec. rate, suggested watering times, periods.


Why WaterMark PRO?

  • Cost effective. Priced for the working contractor.
  • Standalone irrigation design program. Doesn't require any 3rd-party CAD or drawing programs.
  • Fast design turnaround. Provides automated head selection and placement, automated watering zone assignment, automated system pipe layout, instant reports and estimates. Design a small system in less than 15 minutes!
  • Designer preferences provide selection of favored parts once, and then referenced in all future projects.
  • Reliable hydraulics. Suggests water demand for different area types. Recommends watering times and periods for zones. Calculates precipitation rates for individual heads and watering areas. Built-in safety margins to ensure accurate and adequate water coverage.
  • WaterMark PRO is written in one of the latest and most powerful programming languages, providing for straightforward future updates. Features object-oriented technology structures, same as engines utilized in Microsoft® Windows®, Office®, etc.

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